DIY: Homemade and natural lip balm

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Ever since I made my natural homemade moisturizing lotion, I've been wanting to make more and more of my own beauty products at home using natural ingredients. I am trying to minimize all the unnecessary chemicals in my family's life. I've been using this recipe for about a year now and I'm very satisfied with it. It goes on smooth, doesn't smell like anything (unless you add essential oil) and absorbs super quickly. Most important of all, it moisturizes very well.

1 tbsp Coconut Oil
1.5 tbsp Beeswax

Drop of Essential Oil (I used peppermint)
Drop of Vitamin E (acts as preservative for large batches)

First, combine Coconut Oil with the Beeswax. Microwave until melted.

There are many kinds of Coconut Oils; some are harder than others at room temperature. Because of this, the first time you make this recipe, I suggest starting with small portions and only melting a bit of the Beeswax at a time (melt, allow to harden for a few hours, test with finger, then add more if necessary). I strongly suggest you do this because there is nothing more annoying than a lip balm that's hard as rock! Once you've figured out the exact proportions, you don't need to do this again.

Second, pour in container, let sit until set.

Do you have any natural homemade recipes?

You could also add any other oil you like. Just use the same oil/beeswax ratio and do the hardness test. c:

Disclaimer: This recipe is homemade. I am not a health professional, I am simply a mother trying to find simple and chemical-free solutions for my family. This lip balm works great for us but it may not work for you and I take no responsibility for that.

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  1. Ohhhhh this looks good c; and very professional haha
    and just only 2 ingredients :o I got this in my bucketlist
    right now! Xx

  2. Hi Mei! Yup, just two ingredients. So happy about this recipe. I love simple DIYs and recipes. :) I guess you could add other oils too for added benefits, but you'd have to increase the amount of beeswax. I just add a bit at a time just to make sure it's not too hard. :)

  3. I need to try this, it looks so easy. I hope I knew more natural homemade recipes, it would be fun making my own beauty products

  4. Hi Elba! :)

    Yup, it's pretty easy. I mean, I'm not a professional or anything, but looking at the ingredients at the back of beauty products, there are some that keep coming back. I just took the most beneficial oil (in my opinion), added as much beeswax as I deemed necessary (bit by bit - as in melt, let harden, melt, let get the consistency I wanted)...and that's it! :) You can always add whatever scent you want using essential oils (and added benefits). Depends on what you want. You could probably use any oil (or mix of oil), you might have to increase the beeswax depending on how liquid they are though.

    As for more beauty products, I kind of started a post series (that you can find on the right side bar). I'm planning on making more. ;)

  5. If you do make some let me know. I'd love to see what colorful recipe you can come up with.


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